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My name is William Schnack. I ameinsuitm the steward of this webspace and the author of two volumes of The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays. Aside from my work on this site, I am the co-founder of a local collective (Black Cat Collective) and democratic mystery school (The People’s Arcane School) here in Ft. Worth, TX.

My goal in my work is to aid in the coming together of people. This means conceding to the truths of humanity, however varying they appear to be. Because of this, however, you may naturally find some of the material herein quite controversial. This is especially true for those of you who may be particularly invested in a specific ideology, or who hold close to carefully selected and preferred outcomes. For this reason, I ask you to read or watch with intellectual honesty. This is a site for seekers and free thinkers.

Be they oriented toward metaphysics or political economy, my aim is (to the best of my ability) to reconcile differences that exist between ideologies. The goal of this page is to offer a holistic, integrated, and compatibilist outlook. I want to explore how truths, otherwise seen as contradictory, or antagonistic, may balance one another.

I draw on many traditions, but you will find that my own outlook is anchored rather firmly in dualistic pantheism and geo-mutualist panarchism. In short, I will define these as follows:

    1. Dualistic pantheism (video) is an outlook which sees God and the Universe as being synonymous, and which believes the Universe to express itself in dimensional polarities. In other words, dualist pantheists believe the Universe is God, and God, though being one, is expressed primarily in twos. This expression of dichotomies includes ontological and epistemological beliefs (realism and idealism; empiricism and rationalism). Dualist pantheists understand such polarities to be reconciled in the absoluteness and necessity of God, or the Universe.


  1. Geo-mutualist panarchism (video) is a view which suggests that people should have free access to land and credit, and should be able to choose the system under which that land and credit operates. More specifically, the view supports a political-economy in which people federate under a treatise of non-aggression and fair regard, allocating all subsidiary powers to voluntarily chosen units of social order. Land is to be allocated according to rent-sharing principles, and labor to be monetized by way of mutual credit. This will remove all unearned income from the economy, without infringing on anyone’s rights.

These definitions may seem complex at first, but as you wander through the site, reading the articles or watching the videos, they will become much clearer to you.As you read or watch —and although all of the articles or videos can stand on their own— you may find that the two approaches here taken— being meta-human, concerned with things outside of human influence (dualistic pantheism); or human-oriented, dealing with society and political economy (geo-mutualist panarchism)— are complimentary, and for this reason may best be accessed sequentially, with metahuman articles and videos to be followed by those which are more human oriented (you’ll find the “metahuman” stuff to greatly relate to humanity anyway).

I do hope you enjoy my work and make good use of the resources provided on this site, which include articles and essays (be sure to browse by category!), videos, .PDF files, and links. And, of course, I would love to provide personal direction, lectures, or participatory workshops on any of topics covered herein. For more, please click on the tabs provided above, or on the books and videos provided below.



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Reviews of “The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays”:

“The world is facing one of the most dangerous periods of modern history. Europe is confronting a descent into chaos and conflict. The international financial crisis and the risk of default of public debts are unprecedented. The global economic system could collapse altogether… We are witnessing a dramatic increase in entropy and chaos and people are becoming scared of the future, they sense that a new world conflict is getting closer.

In this collection of essays William Schnack offers a new and fresh perspective. He suggests that it is possible to shift from entropy to syntropy, from chaos to wellbeing. It is a complex and controversial topic, which needs to be widely addressed and debated, and which could provide a way out from the catastrophic future towards which humanity is now heading.”

Dr. Ulisse Di Corpo, Founder of Syntropy Journal and author of many books, including The Balancing Role of Entropy/Syntropy in Self-Organizing Systems. Di Corpo’s website is lifeenergyscience.it

The Evolution of Consent is a systematic restatement of the basic ideas of 19th century individualist anarchism as formulated by Proudhon, Benjamin Tucker, John Beverly Robinson and Clarence Swartz, with additional insights from Henry George on land and Tom Greco on money. But like many of the 19th century individualists, Schnack has far broader interests than political economy alone; he places his economic views in a larger metaphysical and psychological context in a manner reminiscent of Stephen Pearl Andrews. Altogether an eclectic and engaging read.”

–  Kevin Carson, Author of Studies in Mutualist Political Economy, Organization Theory, and The Homebrew Industrial Revolution. Kevin can be found at mutualist.org

“Economic issues and ideologies are becoming just as divisive in mainstream society as cultural, racial, and social issues, a sign of widening class divisions and economic decline. Therefore, it is more important than ever that perspectives which reject and debunk the standard “big business vs big government” narrative that is implicitly accepted by the entirety of mainstream opinion, from far Left to far Right, be given an audience. Much of the anarchist milieu has implicitly adopted a Marxist view of economics until very recently. While anarcho-capitalism is beginning to eclipse social anarchism among North American anarchists, it would be just as much of a mistake for anarchists to fall back on conventionally conservative economic perspectives.”

–  Keith Preston, Author of Attack the System, and Founder of the Attack the System Blog and Podcast. Keith’s website is attackthesystem.com


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