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The Evolution of Consent: Collected EssaysGeneric cover image A collection of my early essays from this blog. Some of them are quite foundational, and reading the book would help to clarify much that is said in other essays on this site. In “The Journey of Realization: The Metaphysics of Dualist Pantheism,” for instance, I lay out the system I use in my metaphysical reasoning (which many articles now on my blog relate to); and in “Interest and Premium: A Geo-Mutualist Synthesis” I really tackle the issues between mutualists and Georgists. All of the essays in the book are quite excellent, and I certainly encourage you to pick a copy up!

The book can be purchased locally in Ft. Worth, TX at Spiral Diner & Bakery, Ephemera boutique, and Dreamy Life Records. Get it while it’s hot!

In all other locations, it is best to order it!

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The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays, vol. II A second collection of essays from this blog. Just as good as the first (if not better), but building off of it. While still dealing with dualist pantheism and geo-mutualist panarchism, this one provides all new material. “A Geo-Mutualist Panacea,” for instance, provides a plan for a hypothetical confederation built around geo-mutualist panarchist principles that can potentially claim power back for the common person. In “The Eternally Perfect and Absolutely Necessary ALL” I continue with a discussion of pantheism. These essays are quite good!


FAIR SHARES – Community Economics for Permaculture Practitioners – A short book about the economics of surplus and surplus distribution. The third principle of permaculture is Fair Shares or Share the Surplus. This book clearly and objectively demonstrates the meaning of surplus and how it can be shared, what happens when it is not shared, and what can be done about it.



Lectures, Book Readings, and WorkshopsI have given many lectures, held many book-readings, and instructed many workshops in my time working on my philosophy and in the community organizations I have been a part of. I’d love to share what I know with your group!

Services Relating to Publishing Your Own Work One of the cool things about putting out your own book is that afterwards you know how to make more books! If you need help editing or formatting your book, I’d love to do it for you at a reasonable price.

The Schnack School of Synoptic Reason – Coming soon! I will post an online curriculum and upload videos to go along with, and help to explain, the reading material. I will offer a certificate of completion and recognition, personally signed by me, upon the completion and passing of some quizzes and tests. The certificate and its associated testing will be optional. The classes will be available for anyone.

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