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My name is William Schnack, and I am an author, community organizer, and philosopher. Now 29, I have been involved in grassroots politics since I was 17 years old, when I co-founded the DFW General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a revolutionary labor union. Since my time in the IWW, I have been involved in two organizations I helped to found: The Black Cat Collective, a non-profit mutual aid association; and The People’s Arcane School, a peer-instructed school of philosophy, science, and mysticism. I have most recently published a few books, entitled The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays, vols. I and II, which covers my metaphysical beliefs regarding dualist pantheism, and my political and economic views, which I call “geo-mutualist panarchism,” and Fair Shares: Community Economics for Permaculture Practitioners, about the application of community economics to permaculture communities. mespeakingggg

I have been interested in progress and social justice ever since I was a young child. If you ask me the reason, depending on the time of day, I will likely tell you that my outlook on life is a mixture of the historical and practical thought of my father and the concern for doing what is proper and distinguishing between right and wrong, which came from my mother’s Judaeo-Christian beliefs. When I really think about it, I just combined my parents’ ideologies– the classical liberalism of my father and the theism of my mother– and refined them.

I never much enjoyed school, though I always loved to learn. From a young age I found myself fascinated with history, biology, astronomy, and human cultures. I studied further into anarchism, which I had found interest in around freshman year in highschool, when I started to question the role of authority in my life further (this was, like many anarchists, backed by a newly discovered interest in punk rock). I dropped out of high school when I was a sophomore, feeling that anything I wanted to learn I could seek out for myself. That is precisely what I did.

Alongside two others, meatnop3I founded the Panther City General Membership Branch of the IWW, also called DFW IWW. I was a standing delegate throughout its time, and issued cards to and collected dues from most of the membership.

Today I am a member of a Mutual Aid society I co-founded known as the Black Cat Collective and a mystery school called The People’s Arcane School. Aside from participating in community development through the Black Cat Collective, I continue to educate myself and others through my writings and workshops. I hope you enjoy them here; both my quick blog ramblings and my books.

You can read more about my activities in my blog post, “My Roots in the Radical Community.”



“Will Schnack has always impressed me with his honesty, intelligence and generosity toward others. During the 12 years that I’ve known Will, he has always demonstrated an openness to new ideas, a willingness to listen to what others have to say, and an ability to think critically through tough philosophical issues. The respect and compassion he has for others, for both humans and other animals, is extraordinary in this world.”

Cheryl Ananda, Black Cat Collective member, and a dear friend of mine, who has been organizing with me for over a decade. Cheryl is a very integral part of many projects, both inside and outside of the collective, and a selfless and die-hard activist. I’m lucky to know her.

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