Private Lending Usury

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When private investors loan their money they believe they are performing a service. This is not so. They are performing a disservice.

Here is why:

I’ve explained many times before that money is a title-deed to one’s labor. Money enters the economy firstly through federal loans and government spending. This itself is the first tier in the problem. So long as these institutions select a small group, rather than the populace as a whole, to receive money, command of the GDP will be in the hands of these individuals. This is a matter of privilege. All economic privilege starts here.

Those who receive the spending and loans (mostly private intermediary banks) are privileged, and, importantly, *their lending power is privilege.* This continues as a series, with intermediary banks passing a cut of the privilege down to the smaller banks, the smaller banks to the landlords and capitalists– who may become private investors–, and the capitalists to the workers when they pay out their wages (a fraction of the total value, due to the series of tribute paid to those with privilege).

Lending power is privilege. Receiving loans is privilege. Until we all have access to credit at 0% interest, we are all slaves, and all claims of legitimate employment are false. Next time a small employer suggests that they built their business from the ground up, ask them about their investors and bank loans. These are privileges. Their claim, almost always, will be false. They got a cut of the GDP which does not belong to them.


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