The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays (Vol. 1)

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  1. Prologue
  2. The Journey of Realization: The Metaphysics of Dualist Pantheism
  3. The Duality of Perspective and Spectrum of Reason
  4. A Mystical Look at Evolution
  5. God, Bees, and the Choices We Make
  6. Class Antagonism and its Metaphysical Implications
  7. Two Incentives for Cooperation
  8. The Role of Metaphysics  in Socio-Political Revolution
  9. Spiraling into Our Future
  10. Gnosis, Psychosis, and the Society of the Demiurge
  11. Information and the Dissolution of Authority
  12. Government and its “Solution”
  13. Anarchy, de Facto and de Jure
  14. Why Anarchy is Not Possible Today (But is Tomorrow)
  15. Welfare, Minus the State
  16. The Dialectical Thought of Mutualism
  17. The Mutualist Cost-Principle
  18. Mutual Credit: Its Function and Purpose
  19. Credit, Collateral, and Spot-Pricing
  20. The Proper Rate of Money
  21. Interest & Premium: A Geo-Mutualist Synthesis
  22. On Mutualism & Interest on Capital
  23. Cost, Aggression, and Access to the Land
  24. Revolutionary Incrementalism and Rebellions of Scale
  25. Mutualist Sex Economics: A Post-Feminist Perspective
  26. Epilogue
  27. Works Cited

From the “Prologue”:

“This little book of essays isn’t partitioned, but it perhaps has two inseparable aspects: one which is more metaphysical, in which I focus on topics of a more spiritual nature, like cosmology, theology, ontology, and epistemology; and the other more physical, in which I consider themes of a slightly more material nature, such as sociology and political economy. As I hope to make clearer throughout the book, in essays such as “Class Antagonism and its Metaphysical Implications,” these two aspects, though admittedly different, are not disconnected. Rather, they are quite interrelated.

The Evolution of Consent will decidedly espouse and promote a doctrine of spiritual pantheism and political panarchism, more specifically dualist pantheism and geo-mutualist panarchism. This book will clarify the meaning and intentions of these worldviews, and unite them and solidify their co-dependence. They are treated both separately and together.”


“The world is facing one of the most dangerous periods of modern history. Europe is confronting a descent into chaos and conflict. The international financial crisis and the risk of default of public debts are unprecedented. The global economic system could collapse altogether… We are witnessing a dramatic increase in entropy and chaos and people are becoming scared of the future, they sense that a new world conflict is getting closer.

In this collection of essays William Schnack offers a new and fresh perspective. He suggests that it is possible to shift from entropy to syntropy, from chaos to wellbeing. It is a complex and controversial topic, which needs to be widely addressed and debated, and which could provide a way out from the catastrophic future towards which humanity is now heading.”

Dr. Ulisse Di Corpo, Founder of Syntropy Journal and author of many books, including The Balancing Role of Entropy/Syntropy in Self-Organizing Systems. Di Corpo’s website is

The Evolution of Consent is a systematic restatement of the basic ideas of 19th century individualist anarchism as formulated by Proudhon, Benjamin Tucker, John Beverly Robinson and Clarence Swartz, with additional insights from Henry George on land and Tom Greco on money. But like many of the 19th century individualists, Schnack has far broader interests than political economy alone; he places his economic views in a larger metaphysical and psychological context in a manner reminiscent of Stephen Pearl Andrews. Altogether an eclectic and engaging read.”

–  Kevin Carson, Author of Studies in Mutualist Political Economy, Organization Theory, and The Homebrew Industrial Revolution. Kevin can be found at

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