Georgism as True Voluntaryism

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So long as one is understood to have a positive right to the use of the Earth and a negative right to labor, the definition of “voluntary” and “consent” depends on the matter at hand: In matters of labor, rights belong to the individual, so consent begins there; in matters of land, rights are common, and so that which is voluntary begins with common agreement. With this understood, many Georgist proposals for a proper state can be understood as statelessness, or anarchy. This is because such proposals can be argued to be, under the above terms, non-aggressive. That is, so long as the entity called by Georgists “government” or “the state” extracts no unearned income, and distributes economic rent according to common will, it can be argued that it is no government or state at all. We have, ladies and gents, transcended both statism and anarchism. This can be powerful in uniting populists of many stripes, statist (as you may see it) and anarchist (as I do).


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